Ramshinta Resort and Spa is located at No. 63, Zone 3,San Felipe Road,NagaCity. Just one ride from the San Felipe-Centro Terminal, you cam avail different Indonesian and body treatment that can make your stay a very relaxing one. You can have the option to stay overnight on their cabana room and enjoy a traditional Bicol and international cuisine from their small cafe.

How to get here

1. Take any tricycle and tell them to bring you to Ramashinta Resort and Spa in Brgy. San Felipe. The resort will be on the right side of the road.

2. The landmark would be the intersection of Magsaysay Avenue, Penafrancia Avenue, Liboton St., and San Felipe Road, where you can find the Penafrancia Church.

If coming from Magsaysay Avenue, take a right turn at the intersection after the bridge.

If coming from the city proper and cruising down Penafrancia Avenue, just head straight past the intersection.